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About Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting
Digital broadcasting on the terrestrial UHF band commenced in the Kanto (Tokyo), Kinki (Osaka) and Chukyo (Nagoya) areas on December 1, 2003. The digital terrestrial TV broadcasts provide not only the high picture and sound quality of digital high definition (Hi-Vision) but also, for example, interactive programs, welfare programs that are kind to the elderly and disabled, and the latest practical information for use in people's daily lives. Broadcasts are conducted in close contact with each locality in order to provide programs that serve the precise needs of local viewers and listeners.

The digital terrestrial broadcasts are received by UHF antenna. The reception of sound and images is clear even on the TV sets installed on moving trains, buses etc. A service for simple moving image, data and radio reception on mobile terminals etc. has also started.

No more ghost images!
Interference can spoil the signals and high buildings etc. affect the images before the analogue signals reach the viewer. Digital suffers no deterioration or ghosts and delivers high quality pictures and sound.
Two or three programs on a single channel!
The bandwidth of a single digital channel can be used to transmit two or three programs with standard definition simultaneously.
On-screen program schedule and easy setting for recording!
You can see the program schedule for the next seven days from today. Recording settings respond immediately if the schedule changes.
Superior services for the elderly and disabled!
Subtitling can be enjoyed as a standard feature of digital reception.
Subtitles are even available for some live broadcasts.
●Explanatory information
Drama plots etc. can be outlined in stereo.
●Speech speed alteration
Some receivers offer a slow speed option.
Enjoy Hi-Vision!
The quality images on the wide, 16:9 aspect ratio screen and CD-quality sound make you feel as if you were there.
Anytime news and weather information!
News, weather and other practical information is available on data broadcasts at a touch of the remote control.
Interactive quizzes and questionnaires!
The two-way net link enables viewers and listeners to enjoy participation in interactive programs.

View digital broadcasts on your mobile phone etc.!
The One-Seg service sends images with little deterioration to mobile phones, car TV's, personal computers etc. so that you can also enjoy digital terrestrial broadcasts on the go.
This can also be an important safeguard for life and property in times of emergency because key information about evacuation routes, the safety of family members etc. can be dependably received even when the phone lines are congested.
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